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Health, Home, and Happiness: Antique Lemon Juicer

Friday, September 18, 2009

Antique Lemon Juicer

My mom had a gold depression glass lemon juicer that worked so well when I was growing up. I have good memories of random kitchen tools (she has a really nice potato masher too). I finally got around to dragging the kids in the antique store last Sunday and found an antique lemon juicer to use. Isn't it pretty? I was kind of hoping for pink, but this bright green is fun too.

Juicing lemons is a good activity to do with toddlers, just help them steady the juicer with one hand and press down hard enough on the lemon half. I bought a big bag of limes at Costco as well, which we'll use to soak our hot whole grain cereals. The price per pound of limes was a little cheaper than lemons, but I wasn't thinking at the time that I might actually get less juice out of 5 pounds of limes than I would out of 5 pounds of lemons, because there are more lime rinds. But maybe the lime rinds are thinner so it evens out. Still not sure.

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