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Health, Home, and Happiness: Make-Ahead Nourishing Dinners for a busy week

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make-Ahead Nourishing Dinners for a busy week

(Birthday sewing. Because long rambly posts
are better with pictures, even if rather unrelated)

I've got a big doll order right now, so I'm trying to get everything caught up so I can sew next week. In addition to getting the laundry and cleaning completely done, I try to have at least a few dinners mostly done when I know I'm going to sew. I'd rather work on it all now than have us running out of clean laundry half way through my sewing project, with a huge mound to tackle after.

So here's my make-ahead plan for next week, which I'm attempting to have completed by the end of the weekend.

Make- ahead Snacks:
Fake Clif bars

Make-ahead other:
2 loaves of whole wheat bread
4 sandwiches (2 days' lunch for all of us)

*make ahead

Monday: Chicken*, rice*, *egg, veggie stir fry
I'll just fry the rice in the pan before adding the other already-cooked ingredients. Easy one-pan/one bowl meal

Veggie/turkey sausage Pizza*

Bean* and Rice* Burritos (cook both this and Monday's rice together, add salsa to the burritos. Beans are bulk, organic, cooked in the crock pot and also re-fried in the crock pot)

Waffles* (pre-make batter, add eggs before cooking), fruit smoothies, turkey sausage


The more I learn, the more strange I become:

Brushing teeth with soap

Washing hair with baking soda and vinegar (I'm still loving this- tried shampoo one day and my hair was frizz frizz frizz until I washed it with baking soda again)

Using cloth pads (though not real often. Yay for lactational amenorrhea)

this is as part of Menu Plan Monday

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