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Health, Home, and Happiness: Venison and Beef Shepherd's Pie

Friday, July 31, 2009

Venison and Beef Shepherd's Pie

Using organic ground beef and venison to make shepard's pie for dinner this week. The venison is cheap (I think the tag was $15 and we processed it ourselves.) and the beef is pretty pricy, but I find venison too dry to eat by itself.

This is deer tenderloin, and the beef browning. I still don't love cooking meat, but I feel better when I eat meat a few times a week at least. So I force myself through cooking it.

We used the lactofermented green beans in the Shepherd's pie, and I finally remembered to buy organic potatoes at the health food store last week. Potatoes are supposed to be important to buy organic, since conventional ones are often treated with sprout inhibitors. I made gravy with the meat drippings as described in Nourishing Traditions and put that over the meat but under the green beans and potatoes. Baked at 375 uncovered for about half an hour. Everyone loved it.

Now back to cleaning out the house ;)

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