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Health, Home, and Happiness: Buckwheat and Vitamin B17

Monday, July 13, 2009

Buckwheat and Vitamin B17

I try to be slow and steady in how I add new healthy things into our diet, while systematically getting rid of things I know aren't good for us. I recently decided to add buckwheat. After working with wheat (see bread here, sprouts here) and feeling like I've figured that out. I know I needed to start working through a few different grains since we have so many available to us, each with different properties. I looked through the Grains chapter in Nourishing Traditions I decided on Buckwheat because it contains vitamin B17.

B17 is an anti-cancer vitamin that is found in seeds. I first heard of this vitamin through Kent Hovind, and it seems to be pretty controversial so I affectionately call it the conspiracy theorist vitamin. Regardless, I think it has enough merit that I'd like to include it in our diet.

So, still not entirely sure what I was looking for, I bought enough to fill my quart jar of 'unhulled raw buckwheat' from the bulk section of our local health food store. I put some in a pot (above) to soak for the next mornings porridge (adding a cube of yogurt and some filtered water to help soak out the phytates, see more on that here).

I also put some in a jar with my sprouting lid on it (like I did wheat back here) to see how it did with sprouting.

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