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Health, Home, and Happiness: Nutrients- Maker's diet vs USDA guidelines

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nutrients- Maker's diet vs USDA guidelines

I plugged what I ate on Monday into Fitday's calorie calculator. Monday was a pretty typical day for me, outlined below. They didn't let me put in my Prenatal, so that skews it a little bit, and it doesn't account for my homemade bread, which is made differently than regular whole wheat. I had to put in my height, weight, and activity level. I put myself at 'standing work' since I think that's most close to staying at home with two young children. It didn't account for the fact that I'm breastfeeding my 7 month old. It lets me make my profile public, here's the link.

With The Maker's Diet you don't watch fat, calories, or 'points', so I knew I'd be out of the FDA's recommendations. I honestly thought I ate more protein than it showed, though it is over 100 grams. I broke down my egg salad sandwich to account for how many eggs I actually ate in it, since it wasn't showing enough. I also upped the bread, since my homemade bread is quite a bit more dense than store bought bread. I drink lots of plain filtered tap water too, but didn't feel the need to keep track of that.

Diet Journal:
Coffee with coconut milk
Whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter
Egg salad sandwich with onions on whole wheat
Steamed veggies with butter (the oriental stir fry veggies in the frozen section at Costco)
Crispy almonds
Biscotti (I put in 2, since mine were big)
Cod Liver Oil
Broccoli, steamed, with butter

Fitday put me at 2906 calories, and says that I should burn 2565. This would indicate that my weight is going up, but it is right at 140 (which is where I want to be, between 140 and 145. Back in May I was 10 lbs heavier with some lingering pregnancy weight)

Percentage-wise it says I get
54% calories from fat
31% calories from carbs
15% calories from protein

The USDA guidelines state ideally you should get:
20-35% fat
45-65% carb
35% protein

For more information on 'alternative' eating guidelines, Kelly has some great info here on the food pyramid and why it doesn't work.



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