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Health, Home, and Happiness: Menu Plan Monday

Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Easy pizza for Friday; on soaked whole wheat for the toddler and I; french baguette with pepperoni for Hubby (conventional pepperoni is not Maker's Diet fare)

Breakfast: Peanut butter toast. Easy, no fuss.

We eat fruit as morning snack.

Lunch: I'll make a week's worth (thanks Meredith for this idea!) of egg salad using homemade mayo and store bought mustard. Then we'll eat that on that soaked whole wheat bread (above). Hubby will get a chicken sandwich on wheat as well, with an apple, banana, and a bag of tortilla chips.

Dinner: Chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole. I make my own cream sauce to replace the cream of whatever soup in the can.


Baking day, we'll make our bread and anything else that we have time or inclination to make.

Breakfast and lunch: We pretty much repeat the same all week.

Dinner: Tuesday is pizza day here. I have some little pizzas in the freezer, I'm a huge fan of stockpiling in the freezer for days that I'm less than on top of things. My parents will be here this day, so we might do something a little more fancy than plain pizza. Chicken and Pesto sounds good, or a good 'combination' with lots of veggies and meat.

Wednesday: Wednesday is Mexican night. Soft tacos; half ground beef, half venison for the meat and then piles of lettuce, avocado, tomato, and cheese.

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner on Tuesdays. Eggs are inexpensive and a great quality protein. We'll do scrambled with muffins and fruit smoothies.

Friday: Pizza night again. If I don't double the batch on Tuesday, we'll have french bread pizza again.

Saturday: Since summer Saturdays are so busy, I let myself have the day off of anything that requires work. We used to do corn dogs as our convience food of choice, but since educating myself on health a little more, now we use either Hebrew National hot dogs (they're Kosher) or pot stickers from Costco (9.99 for a bag that lasts us 2 meals) that are also kosher; made with chicken and something green, no MSG? Yes please! :)

Sunday: Burgers and homemade fries. Circle potato type fry/chip things this week, since I have little red new potatoes.

Crispy Almonds
On Friday I'll make Snickerdoodles
Organic apples with organic peanut butter, both from Costco
Hubby gets organic tortilla chips in his lunch, also from Costco (that place is just amazing!)
I usually make muffins with 'Thursday breakfast night' that we eat for the following couple days

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Anonymous Joy @FrugalMenuMamas said...

This is a great looking menu plan! I like the idea of stocking up the pizzas in the freezer...I am all about using my freezer! :)

June 10, 2009 at 6:37 PM  

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