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Health, Home, and Happiness: Home Made Croissants

Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Made Croissants

I have been wanting to try to make croissants from scratch, just to see if I could actually do it, since forever. You might wonder why a mother with two small children would even try this, but it's actually not that hard. I just followed the instructions from Joy of Cooking. I actually find that cooking is one of the easiest things to get done with two little ones. My toddler loves to pour things in, or just to dance around the kitchen and watch. My baby is old enough to be on my back in the Ergo Baby Carrier and he's happy up there when I'm standing and doing something. Not so much if I'm knitting or on the computer and sitting still.

They're not super healthy, but they're not really that bad. Butter, unbleached white flour (from Wheat Montana), yeast, sea salt, 1 tbs sugar, and milk.

The hardest part is working the flour into the butter, and that took about 10 minutes.
Then it was mix the dough,
let it sit,
roll and fold,
nurse the baby,
play finger puppets,
roll and fold,
play with kids,
take a video or 27 for Gramma,
get the toddler lunch,
baby down for a nap,
cut, roll,
let rise,
put toddler down for a nap,
nurse the baby,
check Facebook,



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