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Health, Home, and Happiness: Busy weekend

Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy weekend

I went out this weekend wanting to get the supplies to make pickles. And it turned into large amounts of shredding, mashing, slicing... I'll show you this week. All of this was done in one day, around nap times and walks, cooking, and laundry. I love that about traditional eating- none of it is an exact science, and just like with the soaked bread, there's a lot of 10-minute hands-on periods and then a few hours of waiting.

Smashing sauerkraut with my make-shift pounder (A Mason Jar in a Tupperware)

Cream Cheese
Yogurt. Because I needed the whey for lactofermenting.
Pickles, ginger carrots. Both are lactofermented. I did these last summer and they turned out really well.

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