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Health, Home, and Happiness: What I've learned... health

Monday, May 18, 2009

What I've learned... health


Humidify: Keeping the air humid keeps the respiratory passages healthy and better able to resist invasion by germies.

Homemade humidifer addative is an inexpensive natural remidy that really works.

Googling: Googleing symptoms before showing up at the doctor's office can do wonders. With my baby, I was able to eliminate dairy from my diet and clear up his eczema (he's breastfed) without a trip to the doctor or a perscription. If I do still feel a doctor's visit is warranted, I'm at least armed with understanding so that I am better able to make an efficient use of both of our time. And since we see a naturopath, who isn't covered by insurance, this time savings yeilds big time money savings.

Alternative medicine: Our choice of doctors is a lot like the food value thing up in 'food'. I have found that using a naturopathic doctor actually gets to the root of problems and is more effecient than a regular doctor, who tends to just cover up actual problems with pharmaceuticals. There is a place for regular doctors, but I've had better results with going to our naturopath to find out what is really wrong.

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