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Health, Home, and Happiness: What I've learned... Babies on a budget

Monday, May 18, 2009

What I've learned... Babies on a budget


Save buckets: Love the Tummy Tubs? Little one hate the bath? Try a regular bucket

Cloth diapering really helps us. I decided I do not love cloth diapering my toddler (stinky stinky) but with breastfed babies it's really easy and not stinky at all. I switched my toddler to huggies at around 18 months old.

I enjoy crafty things anyway, so learning to knit was worthwhile, especially since my kids do better in breathable wool diaper covers.

Baby wash and lotions and stuff: Here's somewhere where I splurge, though it's not as big of a splurge as you might think. I'm loyal to not putting anything synthetic on my baby's skin that's going to be absorbed, so I exclusively use Burt's Bees and California Baby on them. A little goes a long way, as is true for a lot of things that are good quality. A sampler size Burt's Bees pack got me through Hannah's first 6 months.

Breastfeeding of course is very inexpensive. Even though lots of people qualify for taxpayer-paid formula through WIC, the savings of having a healthy thriving baby is still there with breastfeeding.

Baby Carriers: These are addicting. I have an Ergo (pricy, I know), a mei tai, and a pouch sling. If you're at all decent with a sewing machine, sewing a pouch sling is very easy, and that way you can make it a little deeper. For mine, I like corduroy- it had a little give to it and is nice and sturdy. I sewed my mei tai too (also called an asian baby carrier), that really wasn't hard. The Ergo I don't find all that attractive, but I do like how comfortable it is to wear. It's the most comfortable baby carrier I have, and to me it's worth the money.

Car seats:
This isn't something I'm willing to compromise on.

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