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Health, Home, and Happiness: Sprouting Wheat

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sprouting Wheat

Sprouting wheat berries (the whole grain wheat) gets rid of the phytates that are found in wheat, making it much easier to digest. I add them whole to breads for some chewiness, or blend them in the food processor and add to bread dough that way for a nutrition boost.

Sprouting wheat only takes a few days, and as you can see, the volume increases significantly. I bought a sprouting top for my mason jar when I was ordering vitamins. I feel silly spending over $1 for essentially a circular piece of screen, but I'm hoping that it's made from something like stainless steel rather than aluminum or other questionable metal.

I buy my wheat in bulk, this is maybe 5 cents worth of wheat. So far all I've done with sprouted wheat is try to make crackers (didn't work well at all), and add it to breads, which it has done well in. Some other uses that I have seen around are dehydrating it and then milling it for bread flour. I have grown wheat grass, by planting the wheat in soil, but I didn't see any huge benefits to that and it took up a lot of counter space.

Because it's a cheap way to add variety to our diet, I generally start a new batch of sprouts the same day I use them so I have fresh ones every few days.

It's on my 'to do' list to start other seeds sprouting, like broccoli, to use on sandwiches. Nourishing Traditions warns against sprouting the popular alfalfa, so I'll go ahead and trust her advice. The Sprout People have a bunch of information up on their website as well.

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