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Health, Home, and Happiness: Menu Plan Monday

Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm doing The Maker's Diet right now- you can see more info on the side bar- and adding in food for hubby and the toddler to what I'm making for myself :)

May 4 Monday
B: Smoothie, whole wheat toast
L: Chicken Cabbage Salad (dressing on p 238)
D: Salmon white rice

May 5 Tuesday
B: Omlet
L: Oriental Red Meat Salad (235)
D: Eggs, turkey sausage cinnamon rolls if I'm feeling ambitious

May 6 Wednesday
B: Smoothie with raw eggs
L: Lentil soup
D: Chicken, steamed veggies

May 7 Thursday
B: Fast
L: Fast
D: Tuna salad, smoothie soaked wheat bread

May 8 Friday
B: Scrambled eggs, apple
L: Sprouts and meat salad
D: Burgers, fruit bun, baked fries

May 9 Saturday
B: Smoothie
L: Chicken Cabbage Salad
D: Smoked salmon,
crackers, cheese



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