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Health, Home, and Happiness: The Maker's Diet Day 4

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Maker's Diet Day 4

149 today, no doubt because I ate some gold fish yesterday (the crackers... not the fish, which would be in line with the Maker's diet I think- fins and scales...) and it messed up my water retention.

Whole wheat toast with butter from soaked wheat bread for breakfast, had a good amount of coconut milk in my coffee and I'm feeling good. After eating some more carbs, I felt a zillion times better yesterday, and I really think that it's necessary for me to eat more carbs than he recommends. I was quickly on my way to passing out, which just isn't an option for this mom of 2 little ones.

I have split pea soup in the pot for lunch, which I'll eat with some whole wheat bread again.

Dinner is the cod that we were blessed with, with jasmine rice and broccoli. Supposedly jasmine rice is healthier than plain white rice, and hubby doesn't like brown rice. Yet. He also didn't like whole wheat bread at first, but now prefers it.

Split pea soup recipe:
1/2 a bag of dried split peas. They're with the dried beans, usually on the bottom shelf with the other Mexican food
1/2 a bag of frozen carrots. Could also use fresh, I just had frozen on hand.
Small handful of garlic cloves- I think I have 7 in there. They mellow out with cooking. We get ours from costco in the big tub for like $5.99 and then keep in the freezer. They only last about a week in the fridge, but last forever in the freezer. And you can still use a garlic press to press them when frozen, which is what I wasn't sure about.
Fresh ground pepper
Sea Salt to taste
Half can of coconut milk- good fats that give the soup some substinance.
4 chicken thighs. We get thighs because they taste better and are cheaper. We get ours at Costco. Bone in would be preferable, but these are boneless/skinless.

Rinse peas. Place in pan. Cover with a few inches of filtered water. Add other ingredients. Turn stove to med-high until simmering, then turn down to medium low. Cook for 30 minutes or a few hours, I'm sure this could be done on the crock pot too. I was surprised how easy this was, and it's really tasty. I thought that split pea soup would be harder to make.

I ordered more vitamins yesterday, and I ordered a lid for sprouting along with them. I'll just sprout wheat, since I have a bunch of wheat berries on hand. I'm placing an order with Wheat Montana this week for Bronze Chief wheat, right now I have Prarie Gold and I've heard that Bronze Chief is better for bread. So I'll try it.

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