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Health, Home, and Happiness: Frugal and healthy eating

Monday, May 18, 2009

Frugal and healthy eating

I was reading through MoneySavingMom while nursing the baby to sleep this morning, and I came across this great blog.

Heavenly Homemakers has also found that generally the food you 'coupon' for (get it free or next to free by using coupons) is not that great for you. My oldest has a few neurological problems, so I've been trying to keep her diet as free from potential neurotoxins as possible, by eliminating the use of genetically modified food and artificial ingredients. In doing that, I realized that when I start eating and shopping on purpose, we actually start cutting down on the amount of $ we spend.

For instance, we have Wheat Montana here and I go to the store and pick up a 45# pail of wheat berries that I grind as I need flour. That lasts me 6 months, making an average of 6 loves a month. So $34.50/6/6= $0.95 per loaf of organic soaked wheat bread, maybe round up to $1.25 once you add in oil, yeast, and salt. As a bonus, because that bread is so filling and nutritious, hubby only has to take one sandwich rather than two, saving us on meat and cheese that are also in the sandwich. I bought the wheat grinder for $75 used online a few years ago, and though it's loud, I only have to grind wheat once a month and I just store it in my fridge.

I've also found that since I've upped my intake of coconut oil and milk, my weight has been stable and I don't crave junk food any more. I was guilty before of picking up a soda (HFCS!) and candy bar almost every time I'd buy gas.

Not buying dry breakfast cereal not only frees up a lot of pantry space, but the cost of soaked oats is much lower. We stick with whatever fruit is under $2/pound, there is always something.



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