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Health, Home, and Happiness: 20 ways to have a happy pregnancy and baby

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

20 ways to have a happy pregnancy and baby

I suppose this is particularly in regards to having small children, babies, and being pregnant. I've had some people give me great advice. I'm thrilled to be the recipient of advice, and I trust the Lord will let me know what to listen to and what not to.

Pregnancy and Birth:

1. Take it easy, so you're not exhausted when you go into labor (I was with my first and it made it harder)

2. Your hormones are wacko after birth. I couldn't sleep for the first few days after my second was born and I kept getting hot flashes. That evens out too and you're not doomed to weirdness for the rest of your life

3. Seriously it was so worth it to get a good prenatal vitamin.

4. Some people gain a lot of weight when they're pregnant and it's perfectly fine. I gained 60+ pounds with each of my pregnancy. With my first it was gone in 3 months, and with my second it was gone by his 6-month birthday.

5. Take lots of belly pictures. The time is so special, especially with your first.

6. I found my belly to be really depressing after I gave birth. It's mostly skin that's hanging down, not fat. Mine was back to normal after 9 months, without any situps. I was surprised at how much I hated my post partum body, I normally have a pretty good attitude about how I look. But going from a glowing pregnant lady with a firm belly to a hormonal post partum lady with a saggy belly kind of threw me for a loop.

7. Hire a doula if you are having a hospital birth, preferably someone who has had her own children naturally.

8. Question anything that doesn't seem right. God gave you discernment, especially when it comes to your precious baby.

9. Don't worry about making everyone happy in regards to who is at the birth. You will do best if you do what you need to. And a happy mommy-baby-bond is worth offending numerous relatives.


10: I had a hard time getting my first baby started nursing, but once we got it it was good. Don't expect it to be easy at first, but I promise, you aren't going to regret not having to haul around bottles and formula. A breastfed baby is an easy traveling companion.

11: That lanolin in the purple tube is good for nursing, but I'm sure you learned that already.

12: No pacifiers or bottles (they can dropper feed if for some reason it's needed) or else they get a confused suck.

13: It takes a while for your milk to come in with your first especially, I think it was 5 days for my first and that's totally normal.

14: Baby is designed to sleep most of the first 5 days so the colostrum is plenty.


15: It's also very normal for your baby to not sleep unless it's being held. I was going to try and keep mine in their bassinette and out of our bed, but honestly they're designed to be right next to mama.

16: Plus, then when they need to eat you can just roll over and not get up. I'm all about *not* getting up in the middle of the night. Eventually they do sleep through the night and in their own bed, just it's unlikely until they're over a year old. My 2 year old sleeps from 7-6 every night in her crib, and she was in our bed til she was a year and a half :)

17: A gentle transition to a crib worked best for us when it was done slow and steady.

Attitude is everything:

18: Smiling at my baby every time I looked at them helped me to not get frustrated at middle of the night diaper changes or being attached for 24-hour nursing sessions. It kind of helps your mood, and since babies mimic what they see, you end up with a really smiley baby.

19: You'll do great :) It's amazing how your instinct kind of kicks in.

20: Don't worry if you're exhausted at first and don't particularly feel head over heels in love. I didn't have the whole love-at-first-sight with my first (but did with my second) but by a few weeks I was quite infatuated with her.

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Blogger Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

So true, Cara! I agree with every one of these :)

May 15, 2009 at 7:40 AM  

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