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Health, Home, and Happiness: Tomorrow we start -1

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow we start -1

Walmart has a blender for $14, that actually better suits our needs for capacity (small) and counterspace (also small) but they didn't have any available to buy, only on the shelf as a display. So apparently I'll not be doing smoothies to start my 'Maker's diet'.

I'm soaking some lentils today in anticipation of lentil soup tomorrow, and also have some soaked wheat bread in the oven for hubby. I'm excited.

I'm still debating on going off coffee, but I think I'll go ahead and 'keep' it. It does affect me during pregnancy, so I stopped drinking it then, so that makes me think that it would be best to stop now, but I'll be honest. I really like coffee. Especially since my sweet toddler gets up with Daddy's alarm.

I also know that I'll most likely take a day off during the first phase, my father-in-law is visiting and has mentioned that he would like to take us out to Outback. I'll try and stick to low carbing it, but I don't want to appear rude. And I'm sure I'll already be enough of an 'issue' to them since we delay solids, so my 6 month old isn't going to be eating. And I'd like the visit to not revolve around food restrictions :)



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