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Health, Home, and Happiness: Shopping list for phase 1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping list for phase 1

Phase one is a lot of protein and fat, with little fruits or carbs, and no beans either. It's a pretty repetitive diet, at least for me and my budget. But it only goes for 14 days.

Looking at my menu, (click The Maker's Diet down below under tags, or to the right in the sidebar) I made note of what I need to buy. I shop at Albertson's, Costco, and I occasionally make a special trip to the health food store for bulk items, but not every week because I can only handle so many errands with two young children, a husband who works 45 minutes away, and one car to share.

Here's what I am going to pick up. The things I already have on hand aren't listed here.

And know what's awesome? The pastor's wife from the church we had been going to called yesterday and had a huge box of food to bring over. In that was cod fillets! Clean fresh fish! While I don't believe that God would bless me for turning up my nose at 'unclean' foods like shellfish or ham, we do try to keep to clean meats, as outlined in The Maker's Diet.

Anyway, my shopping list:

Health Food Store:
Organic Eggs
Seeds for sprouting
Healthy soy sauce without MSG
Sesame Seeds
Apple Cider Vinegar
Turkey Sausage? (depending on price)
Flaxseed oil
Sesame oil (or Albertson's, depending on price)
Honey (they sell local raw honey in bulk there, which rocks. It's $1.99/pound)
Sea Salt

Bean sprouts
Ginger root
Rice vinegar
Green onion

Frozen berries
Olive oil
Salmon (now that I have cod, I'm not sure about the salmon. We'll see how far $ goes)
Halibut (see above)
Their big plastic tub of organic spinich or organic salad greens. Leaves, as my hubby calls them. He's been eating them lately, though.
Organic peanut butter

Some of this stuff carries over into different phases. I have tuna on hand. I'm opting for organic eggs for the ones I'll put raw in the smoothie, and I'll get cheaper eggs for cooking.



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