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Health, Home, and Happiness: April 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow we start -1

Walmart has a blender for $14, that actually better suits our needs for capacity (small) and counterspace (also small) but they didn't have any available to buy, only on the shelf as a display. So apparently I'll not be doing smoothies to start my 'Maker's diet'.

I'm soaking some lentils today in anticipation of lentil soup tomorrow, and also have some soaked wheat bread in the oven for hubby. I'm excited.

I'm still debating on going off coffee, but I think I'll go ahead and 'keep' it. It does affect me during pregnancy, so I stopped drinking it then, so that makes me think that it would be best to stop now, but I'll be honest. I really like coffee. Especially since my sweet toddler gets up with Daddy's alarm.

I also know that I'll most likely take a day off during the first phase, my father-in-law is visiting and has mentioned that he would like to take us out to Outback. I'll try and stick to low carbing it, but I don't want to appear rude. And I'm sure I'll already be enough of an 'issue' to them since we delay solids, so my 6 month old isn't going to be eating. And I'd like the visit to not revolve around food restrictions :)


Some Crafts for Kids

Some crafts for kids

An I-spy bottle

Wet-felted soft wool balls

Stained Glass cards with tissue paper


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The boy and I today :)
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Still preparing for The Maker's Diet

I'm still gathering what I need for The Maker's Diet. I'm excited to start! I need to get a cheap-o blender from Walmart to do my smoothies in, I have a big bag of berries in my freezer.

I also need to go back through my menu plans and add in more food for Hubby. Thankfully he's not picky and doesn't need complicated food, or a huge variety. Still, I like to try and balance health with good taste and his huge appetite now that he's working construction again.

I'll be back with updates! Baby just work up...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping list for phase 1

Phase one is a lot of protein and fat, with little fruits or carbs, and no beans either. It's a pretty repetitive diet, at least for me and my budget. But it only goes for 14 days.

Looking at my menu, (click The Maker's Diet down below under tags, or to the right in the sidebar) I made note of what I need to buy. I shop at Albertson's, Costco, and I occasionally make a special trip to the health food store for bulk items, but not every week because I can only handle so many errands with two young children, a husband who works 45 minutes away, and one car to share.

Here's what I am going to pick up. The things I already have on hand aren't listed here.

And know what's awesome? The pastor's wife from the church we had been going to called yesterday and had a huge box of food to bring over. In that was cod fillets! Clean fresh fish! While I don't believe that God would bless me for turning up my nose at 'unclean' foods like shellfish or ham, we do try to keep to clean meats, as outlined in The Maker's Diet.

Anyway, my shopping list:

Health Food Store:
Organic Eggs
Seeds for sprouting
Healthy soy sauce without MSG
Sesame Seeds
Apple Cider Vinegar
Turkey Sausage? (depending on price)
Flaxseed oil
Sesame oil (or Albertson's, depending on price)
Honey (they sell local raw honey in bulk there, which rocks. It's $1.99/pound)
Sea Salt

Bean sprouts
Ginger root
Rice vinegar
Green onion

Frozen berries
Olive oil
Salmon (now that I have cod, I'm not sure about the salmon. We'll see how far $ goes)
Halibut (see above)
Their big plastic tub of organic spinich or organic salad greens. Leaves, as my hubby calls them. He's been eating them lately, though.
Organic peanut butter

Some of this stuff carries over into different phases. I have tuna on hand. I'm opting for organic eggs for the ones I'll put raw in the smoothie, and I'll get cheaper eggs for cooking.


Prepping for phase 1

For phase one of The Maker's Diet I'm just punching holes in my big gallon jar to make sprouts in. I already have wheat berries, so that's what I'll sprout mostly. I'll see what other sprouting seeds are at the health food store when I go too.

Along with what I'm eating, I'll be continuing to make Hubby soaked wheat bread for his sandwiches.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Menu for Phase 1 of The Maker's Diet

While my little girl was drawing, I sat down to make out my menu, book in hand. It's written in colored pencils, with the green caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar drawn in the middle, since she noticed that I wasn't drawing, I was writing. And we were supposed to be drawing.

I'm going to do his recommended fasting on Thursdays (partial day, only fasting until dinner and vegetable juices are allowed during the fast)

I'm also going to tweak the Sabbat meals as needed, so I can prepare them on Friday and not have to cook on Sabbat.

Otherwise, I'm kind of repeating the same 5 days' of meals around and around for each phase. But I don't need a lot of complication in my life :)

adding what I'll make to round out the meal for hubby and Hannah in italics
More Information about this blog and The Maker's Diet 
And more Maker's Diet friendly Menu Plans

Day 1 Friday May 1
Breakfast: Berry Smoothie (mixed berries from Costco, raw eggs from the health food store, coconut milk added for some fat)
Lunch: Lentil Soup (Lentils, carrots, celery- leave out the potatoes)
Dinner: Chicken, steamed veggies, rolls
Prepare for Sabbat

Day 2 Saturday May 2 (I suppose the Day and May are redundant. I'll just list the date until we move into June and it becomes confusing)
B: Smoothie, crispy almonds
L: Tuna salad soaked wheat bread
D: Egg Salad soaked wheat bread

May 3 Sunday
B: Eggs, scrambled. Veggie Juice
L: Meat Salad (Page 235)
D: Burgers, fruit bun, maybe fries too

May 4 Monday
B: Smoothie with raw eggs
L: Chicken Cabbage Salad (dressing on p 238)
D: Salmon white rice

May 5 Tuesday
B: Omlet
L: Oriental Red Meat Salad (235)
D: Eggs, turkey sausage cinnamon rolls if I'm feeling ambitious

May 6 Wednesday
B: Smoothie with raw eggs
L: Lentil soup
D: Chicken, steamed veggies

May 7 Thursday
B: Fast
L: Fast
D: Tuna salad, smoothie soaked wheat bread

May 8 Friday
B: Scrambled eggs, apple
L: Sprouts and meat salad
D: Burgers, fruit bun, baked fries

May 9 Saturday
B: Smoothie
L: Chicken Cabbage Salad
D: Smoked salmon, crackers, cheese

May 10 Sunday
B: Omlet
L: Oriental Red Meat Salad
D: Eggs, turkey sausage, toast

May 11 Monday
B: Raw egg smoothie
L: Lentil soup
D: Chicken, veggies, rice

May 12 Tuesday
B: Smoothie, almonds
L: Tuna salad
D: Cod, broccoli, coconut butter

May 13 Wednesday
B: Eggs
L: Sprouts, meat Salad
D: Burgers, fruit

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Maker's Diet

I borrowed (rented?) the book The Maker's Diet from the library. Like Nourishing Traditions, I had to look it over and then put it away to digest (pun not intended :) ) for a while. Then after thinking about it, I decided to buy it used from Amazon. After re-reading it this past week, I've decided to do the 40 day 'diet' of such. I've got 5 pounds of pregnancy weight still to lose, and I'd like to work out some blood sugar issues.

I'm planning on starting May 1st. The modifications that I'm doing is that I'm going to be skipping his supplement ideas and instead use the same prenatal that I've been using (Source of Life). I'm also dairy free since going dairy free has almost completely cleared up my exclusively breastfed 5-month-old's eczema. Also, I'm going to be doing it as cheaply as possible. Well, maybe not quite, but I am going to be trying to balance thriftiness with wholesomeness since we're on Dave Ramsey's program as well.

I'll go ahead and work on getting my meal plan this week and put it up so you have time to prepare if you'd like to do it along with me. It's my goal to not only list what I ate, but also how I incorporated 'my' food into my family's meals since my 2 year old and husband are not going to be joining me, especially for the low-carb phase one of the 40 days. I'll try and do a cost breakdown for each meal, though that would just be a guideline for most of you since food costs vary so much for different regions.

For shopping, I'll be going to Costco, Albertson's, and the health food store for some bulk items.

I'll be back soon with some menu plans, preparation instructions, and shopping lists.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soaked Wheat Sally Fallon-style bread

I played around a lot in the Nourishing Traditions cook book this past summer, mostly with wheat and other grains, but made yogurt, falafel, and fermented veggies too.

The grain recipes in this book are all soaked. The flour is actually what's soaked, not the whole grain, so it's easy for anyone to do. By soaking the flour with something acid (lemon juice, whey, yogurt- see my step-by-step instructions in the links below) the phytates that make whole wheat bread normally hard to digest and the nutrients hard to absorb are broken down. I'm able to get a nice chewy bread that is slightly sour (how we like it, we're from the California Bay Area- home of sourdough) and isn't dry or crumbly or brickish, which is how my non-soaked whole wheat bread turns out.

I've started making bread again consistently in this past month because it's healthier, and it's cheaper. I bought a 5-gallon bucket of wheat berries and a wheat grinder over a year ago, so having those on hand makes it practically free.

Bucket of wheat from Wheat Montana

To soak the wheat I put 4-5 cups of wheat flour in a bowl, add the juice of a lemon or a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then I add water and stir until it's pudding consistency. Yogurt can be used, or whey, but I'm dairy free right now to see if that clears up Sam's eczema (it seems to be working too)

Then I cover it with a dish towel and set it on my counter for at least 12 hours, but I try for 24. After it's done sitting, I dump it in my KitchenAid mixer bowl (I suppose this could all be done in my KitchenAid bowl, but I usually need it for something else while the flour is soaking), add a couple teaspoons of yeast, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 1/3 cup of honey, and a few glugs of olive oil or a few tablespoons of coconut oil, and a cup of unbleached white flour. Then turn on the mixer with the dough hook on low for a few minutes until it's all mixed. The dough is really wet, not like what you'd get when you're kneading on the counter, but I seem to get better bread when I have wet dough. After it's all mixed I let it sit in the kitchen aid bowl until it's puffy, then turn the mixer on again to deflate it. Then I grease two pyrex loaf pans, put the dough in, and let rise until the dough comes up near the top of the pan. Bake at 400 for 30-35 minutes.

This is loosely based on the Yeasted Buttermilk Bread from Nourishing Traditions

Want to see more? I took pictures of the bread making process, start to finish:
Part 1: Soaking the flour
Part 2: Making the dough
Part 3: Baking and slicing

Soaked wheat pancakes
Soaked wheat waffles

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